Silver Plan

Silver Maintenance and Labor Service Agreement

The coverage is the same as the bronze agreement, except that all the labor to repair any covered  problem of the heating and air conditioning system, and the labor required to perform HCFC recycling is included at no additional cost.As an added service, we can make certain repairs to heat pumps and air conditioners from the outside if you are unable to be home.  This results in faster service and convenience for you. Also included is 24-hour  emergency service on “no heat” calls, provided 55 degrees can not be maintained at the thermostat.  ” No cooling ” calls when cooling is a documented health necessity. The labor required to recycle HCFC is totally covered by this agreement.

Additional Silver Exclusions:

Units that we have not serviced in the last year must be inspected before we can issue an agreement. Pre inspection check is not included in the contract and will be billed at a discounted rate.

  • We are not responsible for any problems that occurred before the agreement date takes effect.
  • Repairs to preexisting conditions will be billed at a discounted rate.
  • Oil burners will be covered the same as any other part as long as a cleanout has been serviced by us within one year prior to the service call.
  • Repairs necessitated by fire, floods, electric or water interruption, acts of God, or the improper use of equipment, we will be the sole responsibility of the owner and are not covered by the agreement.
  • Any damage caused by vandalism and owner neglect such as dirty filters or coils, tripped circuit breakers, or improper use of thermostat.
  • Any problem that, in our opinion, is not the result of normal operation.
  • Any repairs or alterations to the system made by others, unless authorized or agreed upon us in writing, will terminate our obligation under this agreement.
  • This agreement does not cover repairs to optional or external devices such as: clock thermostats, duct system and registers, humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, circuit breakers, condensate drains and pumps, or parts outside the equipment proper, hot water heaters, and attic fans.Repairs to water side problems on hydronic systems.
  • The recycling machine charges required to recycle HCFC are not covered by this agreement.

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