Hybrid or Dual Fuel Heat Pump

Many of our customers have been impacted by unstable fuel costs. Many are frustrated by not knowing what they can do to make their monthly heating costs more predictable, and affordable.

A hybrid or dual fuel heat pump may be a cost-effective option. A hybrid system works in conjunction with an oil, gas or propane furnace to use the right fuel at the right time.

  • Heat pumps are the most efficient and lowest operating cost heating system but they do not provide optimal comfort in very cold weather.
  • Fossil fuel furnaces such as oil, gas and propane provide better comfort in very cold weather but are extremely inefficient in temperatures over 30 degrees.

A dual hybrid system combines the best of both worlds. For example when we compare heating costs for an average 1800 – 2000 square foot house with a 15 year old, 10 SEER air conditioner and 80% efficient oil furnace versus a new standard efficiency 13 SEER heat pump supplemented by an 80% efficient oil furnace, the older system costs over $4,000.00 a year to operate. The hybrid reduces the operating cost by over $1,400.00 per year!

For your copy of our full comparison and cost savings report, please call us today at 215.956.9400. Let us show you how replacing your old system with a new hybrid and high-efficiency furnace can save you money, even if you finance it!

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