Ductless Split System Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Ductless split system units are very popular in applications where there is no existing duct system and there is no easy way to install a duct system. Although ductless systems’ cost per ton are usually higher than conventional systems, they may reduce or eliminate finishing costs associated with installing conventional systems such as drywall patching and painting.

Ductless split systems provide the added benefit of creating more zones within your home and enhanced temperature control and can be used to cost-effectively add cooling and heating to small home additions and finished basements.

Benefits include:

  • Quieter than window units and space heaters.
  • Higher efficiency than window units, 13 – 25 SEER is common
  • Security as windows are shut and locked
  • No air leakage like window units and are permanently installed
  • Add value to your home as they are “central air conditioning”

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