Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Accelerated Phase-out of R-22 affect me?

My ten-year old air conditioner was called high-efficiency and I was told that was why the outdoor unit was so large. A neighbor replaced his air conditioner and his outdoor unit is about half the size of mine. Why is this?

What does SEER mean?

What can you tell me about AFUE?

What is HSPF?

What is a heat pump?

What is Freon/R-22?

What is R-410A?

Why should I replace my existing furnace and/or air conditioning system if it is still functioning?

How do I know what to buy?

What else might be needed if I replace my old system?

Should I change my indoor coil?

We have a larger home with a couple of rooms that we don’t use. Can I close the vents in those rooms?

How long should my unit last?

What is a "zoned system"

How often should I change or clean my filters?

Should I cover my outdoor unit in the winter?

Should I set my thermostat fan to the "ON" position so the fan runs all the time?

How close to the outdoor unit can I plant flowers or bushes?

Should I be concerned about the possibility of having carbon monoxide in my home?

What is carbon monoxide?

What are some of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

How can I detect carbon monoxide in my home?

How often should I change or clean my filters?

For some good tips on what to do before calling for service and for suggestions on duct-balancing along with other operating tips for your heating, cooling, and heat pump systems, please click here to download a PDF of a handy booklet that we provide to our customers.

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