Honeywell Anti microbial duct mounted UV light UV100A1000

  • UV-C light kills airborne and surface bacteria.
  • Continuously emits ultraviolet energy.
  • UV lamp does not produce ozone.
  • Sealed unit design prevents accidental installer and homeowner contact with the voltage and with the ultraviolet rays.
  • Safe design prevents lamps from lighting unless the base is correctly mounted on the HVAC duct.
  • Light pipe to safely view the lamp operation.
  • Power cord that plugs into 120 Vac electrical outlet.
  • Quick and easy lamp replacement.
  • Easy lamp maintenance.
  • AIRWATCH™ Indicator can be installed to remind customers when to change the lamp.
  • To capture and minimize microorganism pass-through in residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, combine the Ultraviolet Air Treatment System with a high-efficiency air filtration system that includes an electronic air cleaner.

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