A special message about COVID-19 and emergency Service Availability.

Governor Wolf recently ordered all non-essential businesses to close during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance” is considered essential and, therefore, we are open.

Emergency Services

 Although J A Smith is not operating as we do normally, our technicians are ready, willing and able to respond to emergencies. If you or anyone you know has an emergency such as no heat, no hot water, or smell gas, by all means call us at 215-956-9400 and we will handle your emergency!

Seasonal Maintenance

 If you want to schedule your normal spring maintenance, we want you to know that our technicians will not require contact with anyone in the home. Even if a thermostat change is required, we have instructed our technicians to use their cellphone to call the occupant for the change. No contact is required. To schedule maintenance, call 215-956-9400.

In our office we are practicing social distancing and taking appropriate precautions to keep everyone safe during this difficult time.

Jeff Smith and the entire J A Smith team wish you good heath! We’re living in the greatest country on the planet and together we will win this battle with the virus!


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